RPC Resources

This page contains resource materials related to the various functions of the Relocation Payment Clearinghouse (“RPC”). Updates to published materials will be clearly communicated. New materials will be added as they become available.


The C-band Handbook will provide program stakeholders and interested parties with information on the RPC’s policies and procedures. The C-band Handbook has not been and will not be prepared or approved by the FCC. In the event of any conflict between the FCC’s Rules (as defined in the Handbook) and the C-band Handbook, the FCC’s Rules shall control. Program stakeholders and interested parties should consult with counsel regarding the substance and application of the FCC’s Rules that govern all matters associated with the C-band relocation.

The RPC has attached a draft version of the C-band Handbook that is not final and should not be relied upon until further notice. The RPC welcomes any comments from program stakeholders and interested parties on the draft C-band Handbook that it receives before the deadline described below. The C-band Handbook will be published in final form on the RPC’s website at https://cbandrpc.com/resources/

Please provide any comments regarding the draft version of the C-band Handbook in the body of an email addressed to info@CbandRPC.com with a subject line reading “Handbook Comments.” Comments must be set forth in the body of the email as info@CbandRPC.com does not accept attachments of any kind. Please include with your comments references to sections and page numbers of the draft C-band Handbook. Please send any written comments to info@CbandRPC.com before 6:00 pm (EDT) on May 14, 2021 for timely consideration.


We are pleased to announce that the Relocation Payment Clearinghouse LLC (“RPC”) will be launching Coupa, the RPC’s system for submitting and processing claims associated with the C-band relocation program. Claims include claims for reimbursement of relocation costs and claims for lump sum reimbursements, which are mutually exclusive.

The RPC has conducted preliminary outreach to known lump-sum electees and space station operators that may be eligible to submit claims for reimbursement of relocation costs or claims for lump sum reimbursement as part of the C-band relocation program.

If your organization has previously been contacted by the RPC and has provided the requested contact information, no action is needed.

If your organization has not been contacted by the RPC and you believe you are eligible to submit a claim under the C-band relocation program, please send an email to info@CbandRPC.com with “SETUP” in the subject line with the following information:

Entity Name
Point of Contact *
Email Address
Phone Number

* A person delegated to make binding financial decisions on behalf of the entity will be required to confirm authorization of the person identified during the account set up process.

Through Coupa, a potential claimant will have the ability to:

Set up and update its profile.
Submit claims to the RPC.
Track the status of its claim.
Communicate with the RPC.

What’s Next?

The point of contact provided to the RPC will receive an email invitation to register in Coupa and should begin the account set up process. The primary point of contact will be permitted to add additional persons to the Coupa profile.

After the account set up process is complete, the primary point of contact will be notified via email regarding next steps.

If you have any questions, please visit www.CbandRPC.com or email info@CbandRPC.com.