At a glance: how to claim reimbursement for c-band relocation costs

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Set Up Profile

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Submit Claim

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Receive Payment for Approved Claim

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The information in this diagram is intended to provide a high-level overview of the C-band relocation claim reimbursement process. For more detailed information, please see the C-band Handbook located here.
The Relocation Payment Clearinghouse (“RPC”) collects and distributes payments associated with the C-band relocation program, administers the reimbursement fund, and mediates and arbitrates financial disputes associated with the C-band relocation program, all as directed by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”). Requests for reimbursement of actual relocation costs and lump sum election claims must be submitted through the Coupa Supplier Portal (“Coupa” or “Coupa Portal”), the RPC’s system for processing claims associated with the C-band relocation program.

For information, assistance, and how to set up a profile in Coupa or submit a claim for reimbursement, please contact the RPC Service Desk at (301) 463-4676 or email us at

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For an overview of the claims reimbursement process, click here.

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C-Band Relocation TimeLine

Mar 3, 2020 – Dec 5, 2025

MAR 3, 2020

FCC Releases Report and Order

OCT 22, 2020

Relocation Payment Clearinghouse selection confirmed by FCC

OCT 28, 2020

Deadline for SSOs to file updated Transition Plans

DEC 8, 2020

Auction 107 Begins

DEC 5, 2021

Phase I Accelerated Relocation Deadline

DEC 5, 2023

Phase II Accelerated Relocation Deadline

DEC 5, 2025

C-band Relocation Deadline to Complete all Relocation Activities

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If you have questions regarding the C-band Relocation program, contact the RPC.